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Our Story

Feen’s Country Living was “born” in 1975

Feen home winter

Feen’s Country Living was “born” in 1975 in the summer kitchen of the 18th century farmhouse that Bob and Wendy Feen were rehabbing into a more comfortable home for their family of six children.

Oil prices had risen tremendously, and gasoline embargoes were taking place (remember filling your car on a date based on the last digit of your license plate?). Trying to keep a home warm and also keep food on the table was a challenge for many.

Thus entered our wonderful Jotul wood stove for which we had to go on a waiting list to obtain. The cast-iron stove provided warmth, coziness, and best of all used no oil. Based on the scarcity of sources for wood stoves and the instinct that many folks would be needing help in obtaining a stove, our business was begun.

The hearth industry was in its infancy, and the changes have been huge in the past forty-five years. We have evolved with the industry to meet all government standards, such as EPA standards set for chimney emissions and distances of installation from combustible materials.

With the strict adherence to the building-codes of today, need for contractor licenses, continuing-education credits, attendance at training sessions, and belonging to professional organizations, we are not only able to help a consumer make the best choices, but we are able to provide safe installations with service after the sale.

We belong to the Better Business Bureau and the National Fireplace, Patio and Barbeque Association.

We only sell and install units from vendors whose manufacturing techniques and quality-control have met the highest standards. We would be proud to have any of these products in our own home, and we’re proud to present them to you, our valued customer.


Bob and Wendy Feen

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