Fireplaces provide warmth, comfort, and ambiance for your home and family. Feens Country Living has a wide selection of quality, brand-name wood, gas, and electric fireplaces from which to choose. Additionally, we sell and install glass fireplace doors. While it is likely the primary decorative element in the room, a fireplace is also the most functional one.

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Fireplace: Heat & Glo Wood-Burning


If you are a person who misses the ambiance, romance, and aroma of a wood-burning fireplace, adding one to your home may not be as difficult or costly as you may expect. Feens Country Living offers many different sizes and styles from which to choose.

We are pleased to offer Heat & Glo, Regency, Ambiance, RSF, and Supreme built-in wood-burning fireplaces.

Regency Gas Fireplace


Gas fireplaces are not only an effective and economical heat source, but with a wide selection of models to choose from, they can provide a valuable addition to your home. Enjoy the convenience of instant operation and automatic temperature control. Air quality within your home is not compromised. With the ease of venting, these fireplaces can be placed in almost any room in your home. Even better, you will have a heat source in the event of a power outage.

We are pleased to offer Heat & Glo, Regency, and Ambiance built-in gas fireplaces.

Dimplex electric fireplace


Electric fireplaces are known for their ease of installation. It plugs in with minimal set-up and provides an instant ambiance for your home. They are ideal for condos, apartments, or rental properties. Install it anywhere that an electric appliance is acceptable. Plug it in and simply enjoy!

We are pleased to offer Regency, Dimplex, Ambiance, Heat & Glo, and Modern Flames built-in electric fireplaces.

Stoll glass fireplace doors

Glass Fireplace Doors 

Glass fireplace doors enhance the beauty of your hearth and help your fireplace to burn more efficiently. Overall, your heating and cooling costs could be reduced. Warm air is prevented from escaping up the chimney in colder months, and cool air stays in during warmer months. Additionally, glass fireplace doors add a layer of safety, preventing logs from tumbling out of the fireplace and children and pets from getting too close to the fire. 

Whether your hearth is traditional or modern, you’ll find glass fireplace doors to complement your décor.

We are pleased to offer Stoll glass fireplace doors.

Gas logs

Gas Fireplace Logs

Gas fireplace logs can make your unused fireplace come alive with warmth and atmosphere. You’ll find both vented and vent-free gas logs available at our shop. Vented logs are designed for externally vented fireplaces. The vent-free logs provide the coziness of a wood fire without the need for venting your fireplace. Now you can enjoy your fireplace without the work of wood logs.

We are pleased to offer Realfyre gas vented and vent-free fireplace logs.